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At Aquascape we connect people to water the way nature intended. When considering new product offerings, we envision how you are Living the Aquascape Lifestyle®. When you live with a pond, waterfall, or fountain, you are drawn outside, away from daily stresses, to interact with your landscape in a variety of ways. We are constantly updating, improving, and innovating on our current product offerings as well as creating new ones to achieve our goal of bringing you closer to nature.

Fire and water perfectly combine to bring your landscape to life. The rushing water and flickering flames of the new Fire and Water Stacked Slate Urn will be the centerpiece of your water garden.

Don’t have space for a full-size pond but want to start Living the Aquascape Lifestyle®? Look no further than the AquaGarden Tabletop Fountain Kit to have a mini pond anywhere you could imagine. From offices to kitchens to other indoor locations, this compact water garden is the perfect way to add water wherever you are!

In addition, we’ve added a variety of other new products based on customer feedback. Browse the new product offerings coming soon from Aquascape.

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