Owning a water feature is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore nature and enjoy the outdoors in your own backyard. Whether you have a pond, waterfall, fountain, or mini pond, you’re sure to experience the peace and relaxation provided by the sights and sounds of running water in the garden. Our list of valuable resources aims to educate and inspire you along your water gardening journey.

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All the supplies and products you need are included in our comprehensive water features catalog. For easy-to-install kit solutions, be sure to thumb through our smaller Living the Aquascape Lifestyle® Inspiration Guide.


Our Publications

Our dedication to educating and inspiring you on all things water gardening is unmatched. Our publications give you the opportunity to learn more about creating and enjoying your water feature, which makes for great pondside reading! We offer a complementary Aquascape Lifestyles magazine, free e-books on a range of topics, our popular water gardening blog, and our Pondside Monthly e-newsletter.

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Videos showcase water features in a dynamic way and we have four YouTube channels for you to enjoy. Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy showcases homeowner water features from around the world, TEAM Aquascape offers a first-hand look at Aquascape Construction installations, and Ed The Pond Professor breaks down the science behind Aquascape ecosystems. Finally, Aquascape Ponds shares everything you need to know about owning and maintaining a water feature.

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Here you’ll find informative files from Aquascape such as product instruction manuals, safety data sheets, catalogs, and more.

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Owner's Manuals

No matter what type of Aquascape water feature or product you own, we have an owner’s manual just for you. Each manual provides helpful information to maximize the enjoyment of your water feature.

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Knowledge Base/FAQs

Use the search box on our Knowledge Base page to find answers to commonly asked questions about all things water gardening.

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Ponds for Kids

An Aquascape ecosystem pond is the perfect addition to any student’s learning environment.  With “Ponds for Kids” students will enjoy building a water feature alongside a Certified Aquascape Contractor and learn a wealth of information by properly caring for their school’s new ecosystem.


Pond Pump Selection Guide

Use our online pump selector to help you identify and choose the pump that best suits your water feature needs. You can also download the Pump Selection Guide that’s available as a pdf file.

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Rainwater Harvesting Calculator

Interested in combining a rainwater harvesting system with a pond, waterfall, or fountain? Use our online calculator to determine what you need to make your landscape environmentally sustainable.

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