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Aquascape provides a variety of channels that focus on various aspects of water gardening, from design and construction of ponds and waterfalls to stories of people who are loving and Living the Aquascape Lifestyle®. Check out our channels below and follow along!

Aquascape, Inc.

This is where your virtual water gardening journey begins! If you’re looking for a mix of water gardening inspiration and education, you’ve hopped onto the right lily pad.

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Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy

Join our fearless founder on his many journeys around the world to discover gorgeous water features and the stories behind the people who create and enjoy them. Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy’s passion for ponds takes him on adventures from Australia to the U.K. and beyond. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy his escapades swimming with all sorts of fish and koi, his eternal hunt for turtles (his favorite pond critter), and encounters with other reptiles and animals like beavers and koala bears. Did we mention his personal achievement of setting a Guinness World Record for underwater bench pressing? If it involves water, you’re sure to find The Pond Guy there – and he’d love you to join him on his fun adventures.

Ed the Pond Professor

If science is your thing, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get inside Ed’s head! An expert limnologist (that’s a person who studies bodies of fresh water, by the way), Ed Beaulieu shares the why, what, how, and then some, on the science behind pond ecology and construction. From massive water features in South America to the life cycle of tiny plankton and algae living in ponds, Ed shares his expertise in a way that will leave you mesmerized and thirsting for more.

TEAM Aquascape

The process of digging dirt and stacking rocks has never been more exciting! Brian and Chris have a way of sharing pond, waterfall, and fountain construction techniques that will leave you wanting to don your steel-toed boots to become a bona fide pond builder! Their antics are entertaining, their banter is humorous, and their knowledge is undeniable. Get all the latest dirt and pond construction tips from the world’s best water feature installation TEAM ever – and have a blast while doing it!

Aquascape Pond Shop

The Aquascape Pond Shop is a unique, full-service water gardening store that carries Aquascape pond products, aquatic plants, and a variety of koi and other pond fish. Stop by our store and be inspired by the numerous indoor and outdoor water feature displays, along with a variety of critters that call our store “home.” You’ll enjoy viewing Japanese koi through the underwater viewing window in our indoor pond and you can watch the turtles swim in “Greg’s Turtletopia.” Learn more about what the Aquascape Pond Shop has to offer.