EXT Pond Pumps

External pond pumps are ideal for supplying water flow to waterfalls, wetland filters, and water jets


External Pond Pumps

Aquascape EXT Pond Pumps are ideal for providing recirculating water in recreational ponds that require an external style of pump. The high flow rates of the EXT pumps make them perfect for supplying water to waterfalls, wetland filters and water jets. All EXT pumps have an oil-free design and a low RPM fan-cooled motor that provides quiet operation and a long life.

The EXT Pump Plumbing Kit (Item #48027) provides all of the necessary fittings and valves to make the EXT pump easy to install, prime and operate. Once primed, the pump can be turned on and off without priming as long as water remains in the suction line. If you’re looking for a non-submersible pump for your water feature look no further than the Aquascape EXT Pond Pumps.

Features of EXT Pond Pumps

EXT Cutaway










Quiet Operation

Oil-free, low RPM motor provides quiet operation and a long life


Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled Motor (TEFC)

Fan-cooled motor


Customized Electrical

Junction box located on pump motor allows 115V or 230V electric to be customized on site



3", 4-bolt flanged inlet



2", 4-bolt flanged discharge


Efficient Water Flow

Semi-closed vane impeller provides efficient water flow and can pass spherical solids up to .75" in diameter


Enclosed Impeller

Provides high flow rates ideal for recreational style ponds


Mechanical Seal

Spring-loaded carbon graphite on ceramic mechanical seal

Optional Accessory

External Pump Plumbing Kit

Includes fittings, flanges, valves, and hardware to install the EXT pump at the perimeter of the pond's edge.

EXT Pond Pump Application

EXT pumps are mounted on a mechanical pad near the water feature. A selection of fittings, valves, and hardware provide the pump access to water located in an intake bay or underground water reservoir designed along the perimeter of the pond.

Compare EXT Pond Pump Models

EXT 12000EXT 12000-3PEXT 18000EXT 18000-3P
Item Number45049450514505045052
Maximum Flow (GPH)12,50012,50018,40018,400
Maximum Head Height (Feet)21'21'45'45'
Maximum Power (Watts)1,1007363,3001,932
Maximum Current (Amps @ Volts)10 @ 115V3.2 @ 230V30 @ 115V8.4 @ 230V
Maximum Current (Amps @ Volts)5 @ 230V1.6 @ 460V15 @ 230V4.2 @ 460V
Motor HP3/4133
10ft Power Cord*
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*The EXT 12000 pump includes a 10ft electrical cord with a 115V grounded plug. This cord can be removed and reconfigured by a qualified electrician to meet the electrical requirements of the project. The other EXT pumps do not include an electrical cord due to the pumps electrical requirements and should be configured and installed by a qualified electrician.

EXT Pond Pump Flow Chart (GPH)

Pump Flow Chart - EXT
ModelPurchaseMax Head Height0'5'10'15'20'25'30'35'40'45'50'


How do you start the waterflow for the first time in an EXT pump?

Water needs to be introduced into the suction line before starting the EXT pump for the first time.  The EXT Pump Plumbing Kit includes a plumbing tee with a threaded cap on the discharge side that is used as a priming port to add water to the suction line.  Close the ball valve (turn valve perpendicular to PVC pipe) when filling to make sure the water being added fills the pump volute and suction line. The EXT Pump Plumbing Kit includes a 3″ swing check valve located beneath the surface of the water.  This check valve holds the water in the suction pipe.  Once filled the threaded cap can be replaced back onto the tee and the pump can be powered on.  The ball valve can then be opened to allow the flow of water to begin.  Once primed, the pump can be turned on and off without priming as long as water remains in the suction line. 

How do you troubleshoot when the pump won't prime and start the water flow?

The suction line needs to be filled with water via the priming port.  Make sure that all plumbing connections are tight, including the threaded union located above the check valve.  Any air leaks in one of these connections can cause the pump to not prime properly.  Make sure the check valve is free and clear of debris and is in a vertical position that allows the internal flapper to seal and hold the water in the pipe when the pump is not operating.

How long can the pump suction line be?

We recommend trying to keep the length of the 3″diameter suction line at 10 feet or less and the distance from the surface of the water to the pumps inlet at 3 feet or less.  While increasing these distances is possible, it will make it easier to prime the pump and maintain the prime when the plumbing distance and intake height is minimized. 

Are the EXT pumps loud?

One of the advantages of the Aquascape EXT pumps is that the motor runs at a very low RPM compared to other external pumps that are used for swimming pool type applications.  This allows the EXT pumps to operate quietly. 

Do the EXT pumps need to be protected from the rain?

The EXT pumps can be exposed to rain and snow, however they cannot be submerged in water.

How can you disguise the pump?

There are several different ways to disguise the pumps along the pond edges.  You can build an enclosure out of wood, stone, or other natural materials. You can use a prebuilt metal enclosure or a fabricated fake stone cover.  You can also use landscape plantings to help disguise the location of the pumps. The EXT pumps include a totally enclosed fan-cooled motor so it is important that the structure or cover used has ventilation to allow the pump access fresh air circulation.

Do the EXT pumps include an electrical cable and plug?

The EXT 12000 Pond Pump includes a 10 foot electrical cord with a 115V grounded plug.  This cord can be removed and reconfigured by a qualified electrician to meet the electrical requirements of the project.  The other EXT pumps do not include an electrical cord due to the pump’s electrical requirements and should be configured and installed by a qualified electrician.  

What is a VFD?

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a controller that varies the voltage and frequency (hertz) of the pump’s motor allowing you the ability to control the pump’s water flow rate.  The VFD can be used to schedule the pump to slow down during certain hours of the day to conserve electricity and speed up during other hours, such as after work or on the weekends when a larger flow over the waterfalls is desired.  It can also be configured to slowly ramp up pump speed helping to reduce stress on the plumbing fittings during when the pump is starting up.

What are the requirements for using a VFD?

The VFD can only be used with a 3-P (3-phase) version of the Aquascape EXT pumps. VFDs require 220-480V 3-phase power, which is typically available on commercial installations, but not on residential installations.  The VFDs can operate on single-phase residential applications as long as 220V single-phase power is available.  

How do you winterize an EXT pumping system?

Remove the threaded collar on the union located on the suction side.  This will allow the water to drain from the pump. There is a drain plug located below the 3″ pump intake that can be removed to further drain any remaining water from the pump volute.

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