Wetland and Bog Filters

Wetland filters, also known as bog filters, improve water quality and cleanliness by removing toxins and excess nutrients from pond water.

Understanding Wetland Filtration

Aquascape Wetland Filter System

Aquascape incorporates our patented Snorkel® Vault and Large Centipede® Module, along with a layer of AquaBlox® Water Storage Modules to provide an effective bog filter for a variety of water features. Wetland filtration is highly effective at removing sediment (suspended solids) from ponds, improves water clarity, and reduces the need for costly and invasive dredging on larger water features. The wetland filtration system works on earth bottom and liner membrane ponds and is easily retrofitted onto existing ponds. It also reduces the physical and chemical maintenance that goes along with removing algae.

Read “What You Need to Know About Pond Filtration” to learn more about the role pond skimmers play in an ecosystem pond.

Features of Aquascape Wetland Filters









Snorkel® Vault

Allows pump to be dropped in for easy cleaning and has four ports for Large Centipede Module attachment (Large Snorkel Vault Extensions can be used when creating deeper basins or using the AquascapePRO 10,0000 or 12-PN pump)


Large Centipede® Module

Sits at the lowest point in the filter and ensures maximum water distribution. Slows water velocity and provides efficient sediment removal during cleaning



Provides water storage area and helps slow velocity of water


Rubber Coupling

Creates a water-tight seal


Flex PVC Piping

Directs water to Centipede Module


Rocks and Gravel

Provides surface area for bacteria to grow and naturalizes the wetland area


Aquatic Plants

Absorb excess nutrients and helps to beautify and naturalize the wetland area

Wetland/Bog Filter Applications

Boerner Botanical Garden

A large, stormwater management system captures excess run-off and guides the water through a large, constructed wetland filter.

Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

A sustainable and interactive stream is recirculated through a large wetland filtration system, showcasing the importance of native wetlands to the health of local aquatic ecosystems.

Freshwater Plaza

The Freshwater Plaza in the heart of Milwaukee features the Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting System combined with a unique wetland filter.

Phipps Conservatory

A bog filter and large rainwater collection system were installed at the Center for Sustainable Landscapes at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.

Reed Street Yards

An Aquascape wetland filter replicates a river and delta system with a waterfall course that empties into a 10,000 gallon sub-surface reservoir.


A 250’ x 90’ ecosystem pond with a pair of large waterfalls replicates the Illinois watershed. A bog filter is included in the water feature to aid in the health and cleanliness of the pond water.

Wetland Filtration Components

Large Snorkel Vault & Cap

Large Snorkel® Vault and Cap

Attaches to the Centipede® Module and provides an easy way to clean a wetland filtration system

Large Centipede® Module

Sits at the bottom of the wetland filter and helps to remove sediment and improve water quality

AquaBlox® Water Storage Modules

Placed directly above the Centipede® Module; helps to remove sediment and improve water quality

Large Snorkel® Vault Extension

Can be used to extend the Large Snorkel® Vault and Cap for systems with deeper basins

Half Centipede® Module

Sits at the bottom of the wetland filter and helps to remove sediment and improve water quality

Centipede® Module End Cap

For use with both Centipede® Modules

Recommended Wetland Filter System Requirements

Pond SizeFilter SizeNumber of Centipede ModulesNumber of Snorkel with ExtensionNumber of Small AquaBloxMin Pump Flow (GPH/LPH)
Pond Size (in sq. ft.)Filter Size (Avg. 5.5' Depth)Number of Centipede ModulesNumber of Snorkel with ExtensionNumber of Small AquaBloxMin Pump Flow (GPH/LPH)
5008' x 10'11162,000/7,500
1,00010' x 15'21324,000/15,000
2,00012' x 25'41648,000/30,000
5,00025' x 25'8212816,000/60,500
7,50025' x 40'12219224,000/90,500
10,00025' x 50'16225632,000/121,000
15,00036' x 40'18328836,000/136,000

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