How Small Fountains Bring Big Beautiful Style to Any Space!

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, finding moments of tranquility becomes increasingly valuable. One simple yet effective way to create a serene atmosphere is by adding small fountains to your yard. Imagine stepping outside your home into your private oasis, complete with the soothing sight and sound of running water. Feel the cares and stress of the world slip from your shoulders as you experience your personal vacation spot.

Small fountains not only invite contemplation but also provide a visual feast, transforming an ordinary garden into a haven of relaxation and visual delight. Whether placed at the heart of a floral bed, tucked into a secluded corner, or added to an existing pond or waterfall, these miniature water features imbue gardens with a sense of serenity and charm.

Aquascape has carried larger fountains for many years, but we recently added a line of petite fountains that contribute a sense of whimsy and elegance to your garden spaces. They’re lightweight, easy for one person to install, and are an affordable option for your landscape.

Small Fountains | Your Options

Whether you choose an urn, sphere, or bowl, you’ll love the beauty that each of our small fountains add to your landscape. Select a kit to create a standalone fountain anywhere in the yard, or choose a fountain topper to add onto an existing pond or waterfall. Be creative and make life beautiful!

Stacked Slate Urn – 13″

Our smallest fountain, this stacked slate urn is just 13 inches tall. Add it to a pond, waterfall, or even a container water garden like one of our Patio Ponds.

13" Stacked Slate Urn
13 inch stacked slate urn
Stacked Slate Urn – 24″

The 24-inch stacked slate urn can be added onto an existing water feature, or purchased as a kit for placement anywhere in your yard. Birds and butterflies will enjoy visiting your fountain for a bit of refreshment.

Stacked Slate Urn - 24"
Stacked Slate Urn - 24"
Stacked Slate Sphere – 18″

The 18-inch stacked slate sphere can be added onto an existing water feature, or purchased as a kit to display anywhere in your landscape. Consider grouping a few of these in various sizes for a unique landscape focal point.

Stacked Slate Sphere - 18"
Stacked Slate Sphere - 18"
Faux Basalt Column – 24″

The 24-inch faux basalt column can be added onto an existing water feature, or purchased as a kit to install anywhere in the yard. Place it near the front door to greet visitors, or enjoy it in the backyard next to your patio or deck.

Faux Basalt Column Fountain Kit
Faux Basalt Column 24" - part of the small fountains collection
Spillway Basin – 21″

Tuck a Spillway Basin into a stream, waterfall, or a shallow area of a pond for a bit of whimsy in the garden. You’ll enjoy the added beauty it provides to your outdoor living space.

Aquascape Spillway Basin
Aquascape Spillway Basin
Spillway Bowl – 19″

Place a small Spillway Bowl to the side of your pond for visual interest. You can also add it at the top of your waterfall to create the appearance of it being the start of the falls.

Small Fountains - Aquascape Spillway Bowl
Aquascape Spillway Basin
Spillway Bowl and Basin Fountain Kit

This handy kit combines the beauty of both the Spillway Bowl and Spillway Basin into a unique, overflowing fountain that can be added to any space in your landscape.

Spillway bowl and basin fountain kit
Small Fountains - Aquascape Spillway Bowl