IonGen™ Probe for the G2 System (EPA Registered)

When it is time to replace your IonGen™ System G2 probe, be sure to use the Aquascape IonGen™ Probe for the G2 System to ensure proper functionality. The IonGen™ System G2 effectively kills algae without the use of traditional liquid chemicals. As copper ions are added to the water, the probe is consumed. Eventually the probe will need to be replaced. The IonGen™ Probe for the G2 System is specially designed to fit the second generation IonGen™ flow chamber, allowing for a tool-free probe installation and trouble-free use. The included 5′ quick-connect cable makes installation simple and easy.

Use with: IonGen G2 – Item #95027

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  • Probe replacement for Aquascape IonGen™ System G2
  • Simple, tool-free installation
  • 5 foot quick-connect cable