Treatments for Ponds

Aquascape Automatic Dosing System water treatments specially formulated to maintain ponds containing fish and plants. When used with our Automatic Dosing System, treatments are automatically added consistently throughout the day, providing optimum water quality and clarity.

Step 1 Maintain for Ponds
Uses a combination of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and a powerful phosphate binder to reduce pond maintenance and maintain optimum water quality resulting in a crystal-clear maintenance free pond.

Step 2 Clean for Ponds
Reduces organic waste caused by fish waste, uneaten fish food, leaves and debris that fall into the pond. Keeping ponds free from organic debris helps optimize water clarity and quality. Aquascape Clean contains a powerful combination of sludge eating bacteria and enzymes.

Step 3 Clear for Ponds
Controlling water quality can be difficult and possibly harmful to fish and plants if done incorrectly. Aquascape Clear can now be added to the pond slowly and consistently reducing issues caused when shock treating the pond with a single treatment.

Step 4 Protect for Ponds
Made from natural plant extracts chosen for their natural healing properties that will reduce fish stress, prevent parasites and bacterial infections.

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