St. Charles, Illinois

Recreational ponds are the latest trend in water features, allowing families the opportunity to interact with a backyard pond to the greatest degree. To showcase the beauty and joy of this trending feature, the Aquascape design-build team stretched their creativity when constructing an interactive, $225,000 pond in the company’s AquaGardens to reveal the ultimate outdoor living experience. Combining natural and formal elements, the team installed a 20’ x 34’ recreation pond with a maximum depth of 4.5 feet. Since the pond accommodates both fish and humans, a natural wetland filter with aquatic plants was incorporated next to the contemporary pond to keep the water clean and clear. Fountain bowls rest atop a five-foot wall creating unique waterfalls cascading into the pond. An adjacent sunken patio includes a large underwater koi window for viewing fish. An outdoor kitchen, deck, permeable paver patio, and lush plantings all add to the ambiance and enjoyment of the ultimate outdoor living space. The AquaGardens are open to the public; everyone is welcome to view this new contemporary outdoor living experience.

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