Why Aquascape Fish Food Is the Best on the Market

The phrase “you are what you eat” doesn’t apply solely to humans. Your pets benefit from proper nutrition, too. And this includes finned friends who reside in backyard ponds across the country. To keep fish healthy and lessen illnesses, be sure to feed them quality fish food, such as Aquascape’s line of premium fish foods.

Fish foods aren’t created equal, and you want to provide the best possible nutrition for your koi and pond fish while reducing waste which can lead to unnecessary pond maintenance. Quality vitamins, probiotics, and high-quality packaging make Aquascape fish foods the preferred choice among savvy pond owners.


Aquascape Fish Food - feeding koi by hand


Keep reading to find out what sets Aquascape fish food apart from low-quality versions on the market today.

Low in Phosphate

Aquascape fish foods are low in phosphate and don’t break apart during feeding, helping to maintain clean, clear, and healthy water conditions. High levels of phosphate, on the other hand, cause food to break apart quickly during feeding. The fish won’t consume all the bits and pieces which means more food is left to decay in the pond which can cause algae and water clarity issues.

High Quality Vitamins

Aquascape fish foods use only the highest quality vitamins and nutrients to provide your pond fish the best possible nutrition.  Vitamins, such as Vitamin C, are extremely important for disease resistance and fish growth. Aquascape uses a quality, stabilized vitamin C that will not dissolve in water yet is easily absorbed by the fish during digestion. Low quality foods use a less stable Vitamin C that quickly dissolves in water and keeps the fish from benefitting from this important vitamin.

Presence of Probiotics

Unlike lesser foods, Aquascape fish foods contain a probiotic derived from soybeans that has been used in Japan for hundreds of years to aid in fish digestion and maximize the amount of nutrients fish can absorb from their food. This ultimately leads to faster growth rates and reduced fish waste.

Quality Packaging

Never underestimate the importance of proper packaging when it comes to any fish food item. Aquascape fish foods come in a resealable, 6 mil protective foil bag, effectively protecting the food from moisture, air contaminants, and vitamin-degrading light.

Aquascape Fish Food Options

Aquascape provides several food options for a wide variety of applications. Our staple pellets are perfect for everyday use, while color-enhancing pellets promote brilliant coloration. When pond temperatures are below 60 degrees, reach for cold water pellets. And finally, our flake food is perfect for smaller fish and fry.

Aquascape fish food pellets are available in small, medium, and large pellet sizes. Mixed pellet options, containing all three pellet sizes, are available for ponds with a variety of fish sizes. And remember, when it comes to selecting food for your finned friends, you get what you pay for!


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