Red Leaved Canna

Canna australis

Red Leaved Canna, Canna australisThe leaves of any colored-foliage Canna can’t be beat, but Red Leaved Canna (Canna australis) beats them all, and yes, it loves water! Dark, deep-chocolate, reddish leaves seem to radiate in the sun and are so thin they allow the light to shine through.

The plant produces an abundance of red flowers and, at three to five feet in height, not only does it make a great backdrop plant, it makes a big statement when used in a container water garden, too!

They enjoy full sun and grow at a medium rate. Butterflies and hummingbirds love this plant, which you can place in the water garden or bog, or even use in flower beds provided you keep their feet wet.

If you use tender Cannas in your pond or container water garden, you’ll need to find an indoor spot to protect them from the winter in Zones colder than 6 or 7.