The Lovely Lotus

Is there any other aquatic plant as beautiful or graceful as the lovely lotus? It belongs to the genus Nelumbo and consists of only two species … the yellow-flowered American lotus (Nelumbo lutea) and the pink Asiatic lotus (Nelumbo nucifera). These two species have been grown and bred for centuries, resulting in hundreds of hybrids that range in size and color.

Nelumbo Assorted Lotus

A sea of lotus are quite impressive in any pond or bog. These prolific plants will spread over the years so if you want to keep them contained in a specific area, it’s best to plant them in pots.

Double Rose Lotus

If you plan to add a lotus to your pond or a container water garden, keep in mind that this beauty needs at least 5 hours of midday sun to bloom. Also keep in mind that fertilizers too high in nitrogen will hinder flower growth. Be sure to use a 10-14-8 Pond Plant Fertilizer formula, or similar.

Chinese Double Rose Lotus

The Chinese Double Rose Lotus makes an impressive appearance in the pond, with its multiple petals and sunny yellow center. The flower is 10-12″ across and grows 2-3′ tall. The leaves grow up to 20 inches across.

Lotus with Dragonfly

A beautiful pink lotus attracts a shimmering dragonfly for an afternoon rest.

Shiroman Lotus

Even when not fully opened, the lovely Shiroman lotus displays an ethereal elegance. This double white flower contains over 100 petals!

Pink Lotus in Sea of Waterlilies

A stunning pink lotus towers over a sea of beautiful Pink Grapefruit waterlilies. Aquatic plants are a great way to expand your gardening repertoire. Every avid gardener should have both terrestial and aquatic plants in their landscaping.

Lotus and Lotus Bud

A half opened lotus resides next to a bud while the lotus leaves capture the remaining sunlight of the day.

Lotus Seed Pod

Even the lotus seed pod has a beauty all its own. Once dried, they make beautiful additions to floral arrangements.

You’ll find a variety of lotus species to add to your pond or container water garden. Check with your local water gardening store for options.

Watch this time-lapsed video to enjoy a lotus opening its petals from bud to flower!