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  • White Calla Lily

    A Favorite Pond Plant: The Calla Lily

    The calla lily, or Zantedeschia, makes an impressive display in the garden. Since it doesn’t mind having wet feet, this flower is a great choice to add as a marginal plant to…

  • 10 Popular Pond Plants

    Everyone has their favorite collection of pond plants, but there might be some varieties that you haven’t yet added to your water garden. We invite you to consider the following list of popular aquatic plants that make a welcome addition to any pond

  • 14 Shade Tolerant Water Lilies

    Many pond owners opt to locate their water garden in a shady location of the yard. This way, they can enjoy watching their fish while being protected from the heat of direct…

  • 6 Ground Covers for Pond Pathways

    You’re one of the lucky ones! You have a beautiful backyard that’s graced with a refreshing pond that soothes your soul and invites critters and humans alike to enjoy. Since you spend a lot of time in and around your pond, you need a…

  • Caring for Aquatic Plants in the Fall

    As with terrestrial, perennial plants, dropping temperatures signal your hardy aquatic plants to prepare for their winter dormancy.

  • Do You Know Your Aquatic Plants?

    Every water gardener has their favorite aquatic plants, but how well do you know the varieties available? Test your aquatic plant knowledge by taking our short quiz!

  • Pond Lotus: Our List of Favorites

    Known in the East as the Sacred Lotus, this flower is considered one of the most impressive aquatic plants available today. There are numerous lotus cultivars readily available today, and we’ve picked a few of our favorites to share with you.

  • White in the Water Garden

    While everyone loves the pop of a pink lotus or violet waterlily, have you ever considered adding whimsical white to your water garden?

  • 7 Tips for Planting Your Pond

    From colorful water lilies that dance on the pond’s surface to aquatic Forget-Me-Nots that hug the edges of your water garden, it’s the amazing pond plants that put the “garden” in “water garden.” You can apply many of

  • Small Plants for Small Ponds

    Plants in the water garden not only provide beauty and naturalization, but they also help balance the pond ecosystem. Even a small pond will benefit from the beauty of aquatic plants. We’ve chosen our top favorites that do well in smaller aquatic…