How to Install an Outdoor Fountain

Are you looking for an easy way to beautify a ho-hum yard without having to invest a lot of time? Consider adding an outdoor fountain! In addition to adding instant beauty, you’ll enjoy the soothing sight and sound of running water in your yard. Not only that, but your fountain will attract birds and butterflies who stop by for a bit of refreshment.

A recirculating fountain can be added to your outdoor space in just a few hours with a convenient fountain kit that contains all the necessary parts and pieces for installation. Simply add decorative rock and water, and you’re done! Following are the steps to get your fountain up and flowing.

  1. Step One: Choose Your Fountain Location

    Decide where you want to install your fountain. You’ll need a nearby electric outlet to run the pump. If you prefer to locate the fountain in a more remote area of your garden, you can hire an electrician to run wiring and install a GCFI outlet. Otherwise, place the fountain near a patio or close to a window where you can enjoy it up close.

  2. Step Two: Select Your Fountain

    We highly recommend using a kit for your outdoor fountain project. Aquascape offers a variety of fountain styles to suit your taste and budget. Be sure to take the size of the fountain into consideration. If you’re placing the fountain near the front entrance, consider the surrounding landscape and how your fountain will fit in.

    Stacked Slate Sphere Outdoor Fountain
  3. Step Three: Mark the Area for Excavation

    Set the AquaBasin®, or reservoir, in your desired location. Mark the outside by outlining around the basin with a can of spray paint. This is the area where you’ll excavate.

  4. Step Four: Dig the Hole

    Using the outline as a guide, dig a hole an inch deeper than the height of the basin. You might want to enlist the help of a family member to make the excavation process go a little faster.

  5. Step Five: Level the Basin

    Once the hole is dug, compact the soil at the bottom of the hole to prevent settling after installation. You can use a soil tamper to make this job easier. Set the basin in the hole and make sure it sits level from side-to-side and front-to-back. Backfill the sides with soil or sand to prevent future shifting.

  6. Step Six: Connect the Pump and Plumbing

    Feed the included hose into the center hole of your fountain. Position the fountain onto the basin, feeding the hose into the basin through the pre-drilled hole. Level the fountain front-to-back and side-to-side. You can use fountain shims to help level the fountain. Place the fountain pump in the basin and connect it to the plumbing hose.

  7. Step Seven: Add Lighting

    If you plan to use pond lighting to enhance your outdoor fountain at night, add it now.

    Outdoor Fountain at Night with landscape Lights
  8. Step Eight: Add Decorative Gravel

    Wash dust and dirt from decorative gravel and rocks and then spread a layer of the rock on top of the basin to conceal it. If you don’t wash the gravel, the water will be murky the first few days but will eventually clear.

  9. Step Nine: Fill Basin with Water

    Place a garden hose on top of the basin covered with rock and fill with water.

  10. Step Ten: Turn on the Pump and Enjoy!

    Plug the pump into the GFCI outlet and turn on the pump. You’ll love seeing that first rush of water  coming out of the fountain and trickling over the sides to create a beautiful display in your garden.

    interchangeable wall fountain

You can now sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Birds and butterflies will eventually make their way to your fountain for a refreshing drink or even a bath.

In the winter, you can either leave your fountain running or shut it down. Follow the instructions in the provided fountain instruction manual for proper winterization.


Watch our video to see the step-by-step installation of an outdoor fountain:


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