How to Build a Koi Pond Using a DIY Kit

See how easy it is to build an Aquascape ecosystem pond using our tried-and-true 20-steps process and DIY Pond Kits

Learn how to build a DIY pond in your own yard. The Aquascape approach to backyard ecosystem ponds is to create a complete low-maintenance system that works with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife in and around it. A well-built ecosystem pond provides a proper balance of circulation, filtration, plants, fish, and rock and gravel. Explore the videos and articles below and learn how easy it is to build a do-it-yourself pond in your yard.

  1. Select and Mark Out Your Area

    Use a garden hose to outline the shape of your pond. Mark the outline using spray paint.

  2. Place BioFalls® Filter and Pond Skimmer

    Place your BioFalls and skimmer at opposite ends of the pond. Since the BioFalls is the start of the waterfall, face it toward the viewing area.

  3. Lay Plumbing

    Lay the pipe from the BioFalls to the skimmer. You’ll cover it with the dirt you excavate for your pond.

  4. Hook Up and Level BioFalls Filter

    Connect the pipe to the BioFalls and make sure the filter is level.

  5. Excavate Your Pond Basin

    Start digging in the center of the pond, working your way to the outside edges. Dig down around 8″ deep to create a shelf; then another 8″ to create a second shelf.

  6. Install Underlayment and Liner

    First, place the underlayment and work it down into the excavated area. Then place liner over the underlayment, working it down and removing as many folds and wrinkles as possible.

  7. Install the Pond Skimmer

    Excavate the area for the skimmer and make sure it’s level.

  8. Add Rocks and Gravel

    Start rocking in the pond, working from the bottom up.

  9. Wash Rocks and Gravel

    Rinse down the rocks, removing any dirt and debris. Run a cleanout pump during this process to remove the dirty water.

  10. Complete Skimmer and Pump Installation

    Attach liner to the skimmer using the faceplate. Install pump and connect to pipe.

  11. Add Water

    Fill the pond with water.

  12. Attach Liner to BioFalls Filter

    Attach the liner and waterfall lip to the BioFalls filter.

  13. Build the Waterfall

    Take your time with this step and use a bit of creativity to create a natural looking waterfall. Look at pictures of waterfalls for inspiration.

  14. Bring in Topsoil and Build Retaining Wall

    If needed, bring in topsoil to add to the dirt excavated from the pond to build a berm and retaining wall.

  15. Add BioFalls Filter Media

    Place the filter pads and BioBalls inside the biological filter

  16. Turn on Waterfall

    Time to turn on the waterfall and see your creation come to life.

  17. Trim Liner and Finish Edging

    Never cut the liner around the pond perimeter until the pond is up to it’s fullest level. Doing so could make the liner too short and create a leak. Fine tune the liner around the pond’s edge by folding and back-filling while creating the pond edge. Once complete, trim any excess liner.

  18. Clean Up

    Recycle your pond kit box, throw garbage away, and sweep surrounding areas free of dirt.

  19. Landscape and Mulch

    Add plants and mulch around the pond. For best results, use natural mulch that has not been dyed.

  20. Enjoy!

    This is the most important step. Pull up a chair and sip your favorite beverage by your new pond. You deserve it after creating your new paradise.

See how easy it is to build an Aquascape ecosystem pond using our tried-and-true 20-steps process and DIY Pond Kits