QUIZ: What Type of Pond Owner Are You?

Some pond enthusiasts like to actively tinker in and around their pond, while other water gardeners prefer to relax by the patio listening to the sound of the waterfalls. Maybe you’re like most pond owners who enjoy a little of both activities! Whatever your preference when it comes to enjoying your water feature, we’ve developed a fun little quiz to help you identify what type of pond owner you are. See Below

Some pond enthusiasts like to actively tinker in and around their pond, while other water gardeners prefer to relax by the patio listening to the sound of the waterfalls.

1. When you think about adding a new feature to your pond you …

a. Immediately poll your family to see what type of koi should be your next purchase.

        b. Struggle with choosing between Creeping Jenny to cascade over the rocks, or adding something architectural to the pond like Horsetail or Corkscrew Rush.

c. Have no doubt what it’s going to be. Hands down it’s an IonGen electronic water clarifier.

d. Dream of where your new underwater lighting will go so that you can extend the viewing hours of your beautiful water garden.

When you have a few hours of leisure time you …

a. Grab your camera and fish food and run outside for a photo opp with your finned friends.

b. Head out to the pond store to see what new waterlilies have arrived. More than likely, you’ll bring at least one new plant home (if not two or more).

c. Put on your waders and step into the pond to clean the excess debris off the bottom.

d. Grab your favorite magazines, along with an iced tea, and park yourself on the lounger next to your pond.

You’re entertaining dinner guests by the pond and you talk about …

a. The names of all your fish and point out the details of the different types of koi.

b. The difference between hardy and tropical waterlilies.

c. Why fish and plants are important to your backyard pond.

d. Your guests’ recent trip to Hawaii, and all the while you’re thinking you have Hawaii in your backyard every day of the week.

At this same pondside dinner party, your centerpiece is …

a. A series of 3 small goldfish bowls with one tiny fish in each bowl.

b. A large bowl of water with tea light candles and water lettuce floating on the surface.

c. A miniature container water garden with fish, plants, and a small fountain.

d. You don’t have one. You want your pond to be the focal point of the evening.

If your pond water turns green or tea colored you …

a. Call the koi vet to make sure your fish are still okay.

b. Buy more floating plants to hide the green water.

c. Consult your local water gardening expert to make sure you choose the proper water treatments to solve the problem.

d. Call your local pond contractor to give your water garden a clean-out while you’re at work so you can come home at the end of the day and relax by the pond.


If you got mostly a’s … you’re a bona fide fish aficionado!  You love your fish and can’t imagine life without ‘em. You’ve named each one and you remember precisely the moment when you added each fish to your pond. You love when your koi has babies and experience separation anxiety when you have to give some of them away. Your challenge lies with the potential of overstocking your pond and creating a crowded and unhappy home for your finned friends.

If you got mostly b’s … you put the “garden” in water gardening!  Pond plants are the apple of your eye and they often play second fiddle to their terrestrial counterparts in your garden. You eagerly await the hybridization of new waterlilies and firmly believe you can never have too many aquatic plants. You’ll need to be careful you don’t create an imbalance in your pond’s ecosystem by overpopulating it with all the beautiful pond plant options out there.

If you got mostly c’s … you’re all about the balanced ecosystem! You take pride in the clarity of your pond’s water and revel in your knowledge of the nitrogen cycle, the benefit of rocks and gravel, and more. Your water garden has become an exciting outdoor classroom for the entire family. You don’t mind getting your feet wet to work in and around your pond and wear your pond knowledge like a badge of honor.  You’ve most likely worked your way through the free online Aquascape Academy … and you did it in one weekend!

If you got mostly d’s … you’re an expert at Living the Aquascape Lifestyle™! You adore your pond and know how to fully experience the benefits of owning a water feature. Your pond enhances your quality of life and you want to share the benefits with all your friends and family members. Your philosophy is, “Who needs a doctor when you can have a pond?” You prefer to leave the maintenance issues to the expert, so you can spend less time tinkering with your water feature and spend more time enjoying the pond lifestyle.