The Ultimate Backyard Oasis

Close your eyes for a moment and envision your idea of the perfect backyard. What would it include? You’d probably want a patio or deck with ample seating for entertaining. If money is no object, you might even toss in an outdoor kitchen and fireplace too. And if you’re all about rest and relaxation after a hard day’s work, you’d probably see a waterfall and pond in your vision.  Now open your eyes because we’ve just described this ultimate backyard oasis which has everything we just mentioned, and more!

Ultimate Backyard Oasis
With a pond to the left and a fireplace to the right, the outdoor dining area is perfectly situated. Splashes of color are added throughout the backyard living space with potted annuals.

Ultimate Backyard Oasis in Arlington Hts, Illinois
A stone bridge dissects the pond, encouraging you to explore more of all this water feature and landscape have to offer.

Ultimate Backyard Oasis with Pond and Waterfall
Waterfalls cascade over large stone into the pond, helping aerate and filtrate the water. The rugged rocks make the feature appear as though it was carved into the landscape long ago.

Rugged Waterfalls Add Soothing Sounds to Suburban Backyard
Lush plantings help to soften the edges of the cool, hard rocks. The waterfalls also add the soothing sound of running water throughout the day and night.

Pergola with Water Feature
A pergola on the other side of the pond houses an outdoor grill/kitchen area.

The Ultimate Backyard Oasis
The lush plantings truly provide a mature look and feel to this ultimate backyard oasis. Birds and butterflies flock here to refresh themselves on warm summer days.

Cabana Area Provides Retreat from Sun on Hot Summer Days
A cabana area next to the home provides a welcome retreat from the sun on hot summer days. Truly this suburban backyard has it all!  You can dangle your feet in the water to cool off while watching the fish swim.

Ultimate Backyard Oasis
The upper patio descends to a lower patio with bar on the opposite side of the pond, making this multi-level landscape a true paradise. There’s so much to explore and enjoy!