It’s All About the Waterfalls

Waterfalls are perhaps the most beautiful feature in a water garden. You can argue that you love your fish the most, or that your gorgeous water lilies are the favorite part of your pond, but the waterfall is what really makes it special. Not only is it beautiful, but it also serves a valuable purpose in your ecosystem by aerating the water for your fish and holding the beneficial bacteria that keeps your pond algae free. But could a waterfall survive without a pond? Sure it can. And the concept of a waterfall minus the pond is called “The Pondless® Waterfall.”

Child Playing in Pondless Waterfall

Simple Enough

Aquascape Pondless WaterfallThe name basically explains it all. It’s a waterfall and/or stream without the pond. But why would you want a waterfall without a pond? A Pondless Waterfall can be a great alternative for someone who isn’t quite sure about getting a full-fledged pond. The Pondless Waterfall allows you to get your feet wet with water gardening without having to take the plunge into a full-blown ecosystem pond. Maybe you’re just not that crazy about having fish but you enjoy the sound of running water in the landscape.

Or perhaps you’re already lucky enough to have a pond in your backyard but want to add a smaller water feature in the front yard. A Pondless Waterfall adds great curb appeal and is a truly unique way to welcome friends and family at the front door.

A Complete System

Aquascape Pondless WaterfallIf it’s hard for you to imagine a waterfall and stream without a pond, it must be hard to figure out how it works. Questions like, “Where does the water come from?” and “Where does the water go?” are common for inquiring minds. The truth is that a Pondless Waterfall works much like a regular pond. A hole, deeper than a normal pond, is dug, then lined with AquaBlox®, rock and gravel, and then filled with water. The water is then circulated from this sub-surface reservoir by a pump that sits on the bottom. A pipe runs from there up to a biological filter and into an overflowing waterfall, where it falls back into the basin. Since the water level never pools above the level of the rock and gravel fill, it gives the appearance of a Pondless Waterfall. But the greatest part of all is when the pump is plugged in for the first time and the water cascades over the falls and dances its way down the stream.

Could It Be This Easy?

Aquascape Pondless WaterfallTaking care of your Pondless Waterfall is a snap too, because there is even less maintenance than an ecosystem pond. You’ll only have to refill the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for water loss due to evaporation. What’s more, if you want to turn it off when you’re heading out for vacation, you can, since there is no ecological need to keep it running.

Future Possibilities

Perhaps the best part of the Pondless Waterfall is the possibility it lends to the future. It’s almost a stepping-stone for people who might be interested in a full-fledged pond later on. If your pond contractor is smart, they’ll make sure they leave enough room for a pond to be added later. Make sure that the waterfall is facing your viewing area too so that you gain the maximum benefit from this landscaping treasure. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting a water feature and not being able to see it from your favorite vantage point.

Aquascape Pondless Waterfall

Picture This


It’s a beautiful summer day and you are planning on having friends over to barbeque out on your patio. Somehow, setting up the sprinkler to mimic the sound of a natural stream doesn’t do it for you. But a Pondless Waterfall might just fill the bill, adding both the sight and sound of running water in your landscape.

And if you have small children, they’ll love playing outside in the water and you can rest assured they’re safe in this natural oasis. Watch the wonder on their faces as they encounter frogs, birds, butterflies and other critters that find their way to your watery habitat. You’ll also be amazed at the tranquility it affords after a hectic day.

Aquascape Pondless Waterfall

The Pondless Waterfall has made many water lovers, who were previously unable to indulge in the sweet sounds of falling water, very happy. It’s a great alternative for those who are looking to fit a little “peace” of paradise into their own yard.