Freshen Up Your Landscape with a Fountain

How to Install an Aquascape FountainCall to mind your favorite vacation spot or shopping center. Chances are they possess some type of water feature to attract and captivate you. Statistics show that most Americans choose a lake, ocean, or impressive waterfalls as their primary vacation destination.  And any large shopping center likely boasts an impressive fountain or pool of water to lure shoppers to their stores.

Why not enjoy this same sensory experience at home by freshening up your outdoor space with a fountain of your own? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a water feature in your own yard, but you’re not quite ready for a pond with fish and plants. You’ll be happy to know that anyone can enjoy a fountain in their outdoor living space. Whether you reside in an apartment with a small balcony or patio, or live in a larger suburban home with green grass, you’ll find a cozy spot for a new fountain.

Quick and Easy to Install

Fountains are easily installed in a couple of hours and come in a range of styles and sizes. The fountain sits atop a reservoir basin and simply recirculates the stored water with a water pump. If you live in an apartment, you can place the fountain on a decorative patio basin. If you have yard space, you’ll want to bury a basin into the ground and cover it with decorative rock.

Some homeowners have opted to connect their fountain to a rainwater harvesting system, so that water captured from the roof during a storm is stored and filtered through the fountain. In this type of system, the reservoir is typically larger to hold ample rainwater for irrigating your surrounding gardens.

Why Stop at One?

Consider adding a fountain near your front door to greet guests and visitors. Tuck another in your flower garden to attract butterflies and bees to help pollinate your plants. You can even place one under a bedroom window; leave the window open at night and enjoy being lulled to sleep by the melody of the fountain.

Enjoy a fountain or two in your landscape and you’ll be on your way to living the water feature lifestyle. Who knows? You may end up graduating to a waterfall or pond in your yard someday. When it comes to landscaping options, you can’t go wrong with the sights and sounds of soothing water in your garden.