Five Ways to Enhance Your Pond

Being a pond owner when fish go dormant can be a bit trying on your patience. You gaze out icicle-laden windows longing for a glimpse of your beautiful koi. Rather than miss your pond fish, think about ways to enhance your pond for the upcoming season. We’ve got five ideas to get your creative juices flowing – and it’s not too late to add these items to your Christmas list!


1. Pond Lighting

Light up your pond at night with LED white lights or color-changing lights. They’re made for underwater use to enhance your evening viewing pleasure. You can place the lights on a timer for ease and convenience. Aquascape Color-Changing LED Lights also provide the flexibility in choosing which colors you want to display.

Aquascape Color-Changing LED Pond and Waterfall Lights


2. Landscape Lighting

In addition to pond lighting, consider landscape path lighting to illuminate edges of pathways, decks, and patios by the pond. There’s no end to the combination of lighting layouts you can create.

Aquascape Landscape and Pathway Lights


3. Faux Driftwood

Driftwood enhances the natural look of a pond but is often expensive and sometimes hard to find the right size. Aquascape Faux Driftwood lasts a long time and features the look of real wood. Place it strategically to hide the skimmer or use it alongside the pond’s edge for naturalization.

Aquascape Pond Faux Driftwood


4. Fountain in a Pond

A popular trend in the pond world right now is to place a fountain in a shallow area of the pond. Aquascape urns and spheres lend themselves particularly well to creating a unique presentation within the pond.

Aquascape Stacked Slate Urns in Pond


5. Decorative Pond Spitters

Add a touch of whimsy to your pond with a decorative spitter. Aquascape offers polyresin spitters in a variety of styles that have the look of real brass but are lightweight and more economical. Here are just a few examples.

Decorative Pond Spitters by Aquascape

Be sure to let Santa know about the pond enhancements you’d like to add to your water garden! It will make his job of shopping so much easier.

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