A Moose Family Discovers a Backyard Waterfall

In 2015, Karla Jean Booth of Water Garden Services created a Pondless® Waterfall in her backyard. Little did she know that a year later a mother moose and her baby would stroll by for a refreshing drink. Karla enjoyed watching the mom and her offspring in her yard, sometimes with the dad standing off slightly in the distance, carefully watching. The following year, the moose came back with another baby, with this cycle continuing today.


moose at waterfall


Karla is a Certified Aquascape Contractor who lives in the Idaho Springs area of Colorado, known for its lack of water. So, it wasn’t truly a surprise that wild animals, including bears and bobcats, were visiting her backyard oasis for refreshment. There’s a wetland about a mile down the road from Karla’s house, and it’s the only other source of nearby water for the critters.

Karla is respectful of the moose and keeps her distance when they visit, mostly staying indoors and watching through the window. One time however, Karla was already outside when the mother moose and her baby showed up. The furry friends were just ten feet away. Karla stayed by the door and captured the beautiful creatures on camera. The mother moose looked right at her, with ears up, so Karla knew the animal was in a docile nature at the time.

Surprisingly, the moose are very careful when visiting Karla’s backyard waterfall. They don’t disrupt the landscaping or nearby flagstones.

The family dogs enjoy the moose as well. They bark from inside the house, announcing the arrival of their outdoor friends. In the morning, Karla can see the visitors from her bedroom window. What a wonderful way to wake up and start the day!

Watch the video:

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