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Aquascape Technical Services

Thank you for your interest in advanced-level support and technical specification assistance from our team of experts at Aquascape. We want to ensure your success when installing advanced Aquascape water features and are excited to help with your project.

You can rely on our team for advanced product knowledge and help with troubleshooting product and construction challenges. In addition to these services, the Aquascape Technical Services team assists with specifying and estimating the correct Aquascape products, applications, and build techniques for a wide array of custom water feature projects. A non-refundable fee is required for this service. Form of payment must be secured prior to commencing work. If your project fits into an Aquascape kit, no fee is required.

Please note this service is only available to Aquascape authorized distributors, retailers, and contractors. If you’re a homeowner, please contact your local Aquascape retailer for pond supplies or find a Certified Aquascape Contractor near you.

The process for working with the Aquascape Technical Services team is simple:





Following review, a technical services agent will schedule a follow-up call to review the project, clarify details, and discuss expectations regarding:

  • The timeframe for completing project specifications
  • The service fee for project specifications, which is based on the timeframe and the following:
    • $100 per hour, minimum of 5 hours required
    • Form of payment must be secured prior to commencing work
    • Payment is due upon completion of the project specifications
    • The service fee is non-refundable

Please Note:

  • This service is only available to Aquascape Authorized Distributors, Retailers, and Contractors.



Upon completion of project specifications, the customer will receive a detailed specification and quote package via email that includes the following:

  • A detailed summary of the project
  • An itemized quote listing the Aquascape products required to complete the project
  • An itemized list of quantities and/or sizes of non-Aquascape products required for the project (i.e. non-stock hardware, etc.)
  • Technical data sheets of each component specified in the project
  • Technical drawings of major sub-sections in the project (i.e. wetland filter cross sections, pond or waterfall cross sections, etc.)
  • Any sketches or drawings that were provided by the customer

Important Notes

  • We DO NOT provide architectural renderings or CAD drawings for custom projects
  • We will not commence work until all project variables are provided by the customer
  • For smaller projects that utilize an Aquascape pond or Pondless® Waterfall kit, there will be no charge for specifications

Interested in learning how to install Aquascape water features?

Aquascape University presents various eLearning curriculums specifically designed for water feature professionals of all skill levels.


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