Certified Aquascape Contractor Registration

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Exclusive Use of Aquascape Products

Aquascape provides everything needed for a professional contractor to install or maintain a complete water feature. Therefore, all Certified Aquascape Contractors must exclusively install or use Aquascape products on their water feature projects.

Construction Methodology Compliance

All Certified Aquascape Contractors must adhere to the Aquascape construction methodology at all times.

Our construction products and practices are the cornerstone of our success. Certified Aquascape Contractors are an extension of Aquascape and the only way we can guarantee a successful water feature installation is by using the appropriate products and procedures on every project.

Examples of the Aquascape methodology include rocks and gravel installed in all ponds, no bottom drains, no bead filters, no drain pipes as Pondless Vaults or wetland filters, the use of skimmers and Biofalls or wetland filters on all water features where applicable, and many more.

Leads from Aquascape

Aquascape provides the contractor with many resources to obtain a construction lead. Those resources may come from but are not limited to the Aquascape website, "Find A Contractor" page, technical support, marketing, distributors, promotional events, Aquascape, Inc. employees or other Certified Aquascape Contractors. All leads supplied to my company by Aquascape, Inc. or one of Aquascape, Inc.'s resources must install or use only Aquascape products as well as comply with the Aquascape construction methodology. All leads supplied to my company by Aquascape, Inc. or one of its resources will be followed up within two business days.

Personal Conduct Policy

All Certified Aquascape Contractors are required to avoid conduct detrimental to the integrity of the CAC program and Aquascape.

Aquascape Certification

Certified Aquascape Contractors represent Aquascape and therefore are expected to not be a member of another water garden product manufacturer's certification program.

In-Person Events

CACs must attend an in-person Pondemonium® or an Aquascape sponsored regional training event at least once every two years. Master CACs are required to attend the in-person Pondemonium® every year it is held in person. Failure to do so will result in removal from the CAC locator.

Contractor License

Certified Aquascape Contractors must possess a valid contractor's license (where applicable).

Check the box below indicating that you possess a valid contractor's license if it is applicable in your area.


Certified Aquascape Contractors must possess adequate levels of workers compensation insurance and business insurance.

Check the box below indicating that you possess workers compensation and business insurance. Aquascape may request proof of insurance.


I hereby enter into this agreement to represent myself and my company, as a Certified Aquascape Contractor. By entering this agreement, I will follow the guidelines, policies, and recertification requirements provided by Aquascape, Inc. at all times while representing myself as a Certified Aquascape Contractor. The Certified Aquascape Contractor Program is designed to offer the consumer a qualified installer that understands how to properly install and maintain Aquascape, Inc. systems. Aquascape, Inc. holds each individual Certified Aquascape Contractor to the highest standards of the water garden industry. By entering the contractual agreement, I agree and understand all contents of this agreement. Aquascape, Inc. will periodically review my account activity to track purchases and to maintain the credibility of the Certified Aquascape Contractor Program. I understand that a 100% commitment is a requirement to maintain active status within this program.