The World Needs to Take a Big, Giant, Fat, CHILL PILL!!!

I’m an optimist at heart but I’ve come to the sad conclusion the world just is getting angrier and angrier by the day! Folks, I ask you, that is everyone of us who’s doing life together…” Is it really worth it to be sooo angry all the time?!”

I’m FAR from footloose and fancy free. I’m a type A entrepreneur after all! Yet, I learned A LONG time ago there’s three sides to every story! I also discovered people have agendas that aren’t always apparent. And, newsflash, the media LOVES whipping up controversy even when there may be none there (say it ain’t so).

… like at the Lincoln Memorial this week with a bunch of high school kids and a Native American fella.

Friends, I ask you again…” Is it really worth it to be sooo angry all the time?!”

I’m sorry if you find this post insensitive to what currently ails you. After all I’m a privileged white male. What could I possibly know about your predicament? But than again what could YOU possibly know about mine? Speaking of Native American Indians, there’s a pretty relevant quote attributed to them…

“Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins.”

Maybe we should all consider that before tarring and feathering a bunch of school kids from Kentucky or your brother-in-law who happened to vote for a different candidate than you did during the last election.


In conclusion may I suggest we heed the advice of generations that have gone before us (you know the ones that DIDN’T grow up with social media).

According to the American Association of Retired People (AARP) the No 1# piece of advice past generations would give to future ones is as follows…


…not when you win the lottery, or when your kids finally start behaving or your church meets ALL your needs…flawlessly!

Be Happy NOOOWWW!!!

Smile, life’s short and everyday above grade is a gift. Chill, just chill.

Chill Pills