A Week in the Life of a 365-Day Vlogger

Have you ever had one of those weeks that feels like a month?!

Super Bowl Sunday I flew to LA missing what I’ve heard was a great game. Last Monday started out with a visit to YouTube celebrity and social media lightning rod Logan Paul’s pad. Chad Morrill has been doing a great job taking care of the pond and property and donated some of his personal fish to the incredible water feature we built for Logan in December

Tuesday was a very special day as we traveled with Ginger Withers Schevers visiting the water features of her husband Jamie who passed in December after a long hard fight with cancer. I got choked up multiple times meeting his customers and listening to the stories of the people’s lives this wonderful man had touched through the years with his work.

Wednesday, what did I do Weds again?…oh of course I spent it with former male model turned true water feature artist Steve Sandalis. The homes he took us to in and around Beverly Hills were breathtaking. Stay tuned!

Thursday I was ready to crash but David Misterly was on deck. What can I say about my guy David?!…how about he got me the BEST FISH TACO I’ve ever eaten ? Great guy, happy customers, cool day.

Friday I was worried. Cliff Raitz was on deck and he’s a talker! I worked to pump up my volume and matched him word for word. His lovely wife hosted us and a dozen others for an Italian feast that night but only after our last stop of the day visiting the world famous Prehistoric Pets. I had the pleasure of getting wrapped in not one but two 20’ long giant pythons! We left with a plan to return in two weeks and build them an Aquascape Ecosystem pond for a hundred turtles.

Saturday we had an “off” day meeting with Bill Gaut and his grandson Bubba. Bubba wants to master Vlogging and I want to help him (while I learn myself) Breakfast, lunch and a visit to Best Buy later we made plans for Bubba to visit us at Aqualand next week for the Aquascape Hands on Academy. His Granddaddy is excited (and scared) to put his boy on a plane for the very first time alone. #wegotthispappa

Sunday was our last full day in California. How’s that saying go…”we saved the worst for last” and spent it with 2014 Aquascape Businessman of the Year Carl Petite. Nine water features later and plenty of smack talk all around we were sent off in style with a full blown picnic dinner from one of his many adoring clients.

Monday. My 8th 5 a.m. diner visit in a row! Over 1200 miles driven, seven Certified Aquascape Contractors visited and close to 100 water features (I stopped trying to count) photographed I’M BAKED! I’ve still got an energetic 17 year old Vlogging sensation Paul Cuffaro I’ve gotta make sure gets on his plane to FL and a much more tired 20 yr old videographer and drone expert Luke Toby Newman who most certainly by now is questioning his statement to me that “he loves to travel”


But first I’ve gotta get in one last run on the beach!


Greg Wittstock