We Are All In This Together (we might as well sing)

We Are All In This Together (we might as well sing)

I got goosebumps watching this video! Maybe just maybe this global pandemic can bring our nations (and people) closer together and not further apart as seemingly we become with each political cycle!

Remember how 9/11 galvanized us as Americans? The upwelling of National Pride? Young people motivated to serve their country and enlisting in droves! It was a thing of beauty to behold!

Compare that with our current levels of fragmented allegiances based on a political party and agenda.


What we need is a global “Independence Day” type reaction to this a Pandemic! Remember that movie starring Will Smith leading a global charge against Aliens hell bent to wipe out the human race?

👽=Pandemic 🌍 aligned =💪

Instead of being part of the problem by criticizing OUR Politicians slow response or, conversely, overreach, why don’t we instead realize at times like these, we are all on the same damn TEAM!!!

Personally I ❤️ this positive video showing the best of people cross culturally. PLEASE MEDIA POST MORE STORIES LIKE THIS!!!

If and that’s a BIG IF, this pandemic can unite us as a human race by breaking down historic national and political barriers, than I for one will sing HALLELUJAH and AMEN, at the top of my lungs from my windows too!

Please feel free to join me!