Use My Brain, Not Yours

Will Smith is brilliant but Steven Spielberg is even more so (at least when it comes to making movies!)

When it comes to understanding people’s motives and intentions I’ve learned to use my wife’s, not mine! The plethora of dead bodies alone that she pointed out in my rear view mirror was reason enough to adopt her perspective on people vs my own! You know, all the former associates who told me one thing but ultimately were proven to have impure hearts and dubious intentions. By simply adopting my wife’s superior spider sense with human beings, I’ve saved myself countless financial loss and even greater emotional distress!

Just like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” I’ve made a decent life for myself by following the advice of people with bigger noggins than my own! That is, subject matter experts like my wife when it comes to people or my CFO when it comes to financials (Newsflash: I’ve never balanced a checkbook ?)

Fortunately Will used Spielberg’s brain and not his own and Men In Black was born!

Soooo the next time you fail to heed your “better half’s” wisdom or the advice from a man who’s “been there and done that” consider the possibility of a better outcome if instead you use their proven brain for such matters vs your own!

Still can’t wrap your mind around this concept?!

Consider what happened for perennial loser George Kostanza when he heeded good buddy Jerry Seinfeld’s, advice…

“Jerry I ALWAYS make the wrong choices!” Kostanza bellyached. Seinfeld replied “That’s simple, just figure out what you’d normally do and do the opposite!” ?

The next day George told off NY Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner impressing him enough to earn the GM job! ?

I rest my case, and brain, allowing me to rely on far brighter ones than my own to get ahead in life .