Today’s a Good Day

If you told me on Thursday I’d be cleaning ponds on a Saturday I would have just laughed at you! After all, why would I do that when I have an Army of guys who’s job it is to do that?!

That was Thursday before our world was turned upside down and inside out.

On Friday Illinois’s Governor ordered mandatory Quarantine for all non essential businesses and people. Our office staff had already been instructed to work from home. Our warehouse was still working on overdrive though shipping out orders from all over the world. Then the news came down and we were effectively shut down, from shipping anyway.

But, with the Governors order we noticed Construction was deemed “essential” and not subject to shutdown. That meant, for at least now, we could still go into our customers backyards and get their ponds cleaned and fired up while restoring some beauty for those quarantined at home!

I’ve always said, if everything goes to hell in a hand basket, I could simply just go back to building ponds…happily!

There’s something to be said about the the sense of accomplishment one gets from manual labor. Between getting out and getting going today after unwinding with some laughter last night watching a classic, The Hangover, I’m doing A LOT better today than I was yesterday!

“I ❤️ MY JOB!” and appreciate just having the opportunity to do it…in whatever form it takes!

Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy - Owner of Aquascape, Inc.