The Purpose of Life is to Have a Purpose

My 18 year old son learned a valuable lesson this week volunteering at an Indian Reservation in Canada. “Dad nobody works on the reservation.” Those were literally the first words out of his mouth when I asked him about his experience.

The group he was part of though of course did work! They built improvements to the community’s structures and additionally Ryan took on the job of cooking lunch each day for the volunteers. I asked him why he did that and nonchalantly he replied, “Nobody else wanted to do it.”

The conversation that ensued regarding his observations of the depressed culture of an entire community living on government assistance was nothing short of pure gold!

“The purpose of life is to have a purpose!”

My kids will not be getting disempowering trust funds when I die. Why would I want to, why would anyone want to, rob their kids of the incentive and satisfaction of finding their purpose by eliminating the pressure of having to support themselves?!

I don’t understand a lot of what society believes including the false narrative that “money buys happiness.” Self worth comes from creating your own destiny and overcoming the myriad of challenges that comes with that along the way!

In my opinion that’s a parent’s job to instill in their children. It appears too many politicians grew up as orphans.

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