The “Parking” Lot at O’Hare

Normally I wouldn’t even attempt to park here during the week. It’s almost always full!!!

Empty Parking Lot at O'Hare Airport

It also only took me 36 minutes door to door. I’ve never done it before in under 40 in Chicago “traffic.”

Our economy is breaking right behind our masks!!!

Trillions being spent with trillions more being proposed to artificially prop us up while keeping us blinded to the full ramifications of their decisions!

How the hell are WE ever going to pay for all that especially if our economic engine is being governed by governors?!

Our friend’s son just lost his scholarship to play baseball in college. The seniors who got screwed out of their final year decided to stay leaving no room on the roster for him!

He’s now planning on attending community college instead while trying to stay in shape while practicing on his own.

All state schools in California are now saying they will stay online this fall while Michigan’s “Governor” Gretchen Whitmer says she won’t allow football stadiums to be filled with fans. If you don’t like football that might not seem like a big deal to you. But without football there won’t be collegiate hockey, or wrestling, or gymnastics, and my buddy’s kid will never be able to play the sport he loves and EARNED a scholarship in before some “Governor” decided how we are allowed to live!

85% of university athletic budgets come from FOOTBALL revenue! No football, no collegiate sports. ZILCH!

It’s a domino effect that’s going to affect us all!!!

I usually fly United or American Airlines. One of those two will be gone once subsidies run out.

And millions more will join the 30 million currently unemployed while being paid to sit idle by all of us still arbitrarily permitted to work by the all-controlling government!


Meanwhile in Sweden whose government trusted its citizens (imagine that?!) to practice social distancing and personal hygiene while letting businesses stay open they are sure paying the consequences of their controversial decision.

8 more people per 100,000 have perished there than here in the U.S.


That’s right, Sweden’s “irresponsibility” staying open has resulted in an 0.0008% higher death rate (the majority with pre-existing conditions).

Swedes are working! They are eating at restaurants! They are going to sports events! And their economic engine is humming on the once American ideal of capitalism at it’s finest!

“Government of the People, by the People, for the People.”

Lincoln is turning over in his grave!