The Old Man and the Kid

The old man was just a few years older than the kid when he started at Aquascape. What started as a job has become his career.

Now it’s the kid’s turn.

Pond Maintenance Crew at Aquascape

Jack has lived with a pond his parents built for as long as he can remember. He discovered Aquascape by watching Pond Stars on NatGeo and built his own pond. He got inspired and made it bigger. And then bigger again!

He worked all last summer with our crews and impressed everyone. When Covid hit this spring, he worked all day cleaning ponds and did his school work at night. He graduated in May and he’s not going to college, he’s shadowing the old man instead.

We need kids like Jack who have a passion for the hobby, enjoy the physical nature of our trade, and have a work ethic that matches our own.

Here’s to Jack and all the kids out there who will eventually become old men teaching the next generation behind them!

“I ❤️ MY JOB!”

Do you or someone you know want a career creating and maintaining water features? Click here for opportunities with Certified Aquascape Contractors from around the world