Did the World Forget There’s 3 Sides to Every Story?

I learned A LONG TIME AGO to get my guys’ side of the story BEFORE ripping them a new one! Nine times out of 10 (literally) I side with my guys after hearing their version of whatever perceived slight the customer “bent my ear over” after we finished doing work for them.

Why is it when it comes to just about EVERYTHING nowadays (think politics) people choose to only hear one side of a story before passing swift and complete judgement on a situation?!

Has the world somehow never learned what I have, often the hard way, that there’s three sides to EVERY story (theirs, yours and the truth!)?

I’ve lost countless customers in my business, numerous friendships over the years, and most damaging of all – even family members who choose to listen to only ONE SIDE OF THE STORY and take it as the end-all-be-all that it often isn’t!!!

People, even yours truly at times, let emotions dictate their lives. But I’d like to think with age comes wisdom. Far too many of us “cut off our noses to spite our face” because we fail to HEAR the other side of the story to the detriment of everyone.

There’s always three sides to every story.

Remember that next time you tar and feather your brothers and sistas out there!

Three Sides to a Story Chalkboard