Real Men Are Disappearing

Do you see this too?! I can’t be alone in noticing exactly what Tucker Carlson is reporting on in the video linked below. My question to you is what will you do, like me, if you indeed see “Real Men” disappearing from society?

For me and my house that’s where it starts. My boys need to see a hard working father who prioritizes them and their mother over work.

My boys need to know that showing them love means preparing them to live in the world without us. Make your own appointments, keep your own calendar, and face the music of both your good and bad choices without looking for us to bail your a** out when your choices paint you into a corner.

The habits we instill today in the young men growing up beneath our roof have lifelong consequences. Please and thank you, firm handshake and eye contact, how to talk to an adult, how to show up and work, resolve conflict with a friend, how to treat a woman like a lady, exercise your body, think of food as fuel not comfort, a spiritual foundation to be a foundation … ALL of this is established at home.

These are duties not to be taken lightly.

I can’t be the only dad that feels the weight of these responsibilities, BUT from the statistics this old-school commonsense wisdom is showing up less and less.

Leadership starts at home and moves on from there. We need more leaders at home and maybe then we will find more men willing to reverse the trends.