Pond Guy Challenge: Cyber Bullying

Hopefully you all know who Brian Barczyk is by now in this TRIBE. If not, he’s the main culprit behind my Daily Vlog initiative in 2018. Yes you can blame him

Brian Barczyk

This is really hard to watch for me. I used to feel exactly like Brian about haters. No, I never contemplated suicide and my “hurt” manifested more in wanting to knock peoples heads off but it was still frustrating and painful to read what others wrote about me and my baby (Aquascape).

Not anymore!

Today when people go off on-line on me or Aquascape I just feel sorry for their brokenness. At one point, my low point, I’d enjoy the demise of my detractors.

Not anymore.

Someone else’s failures born out of their misguided efforts to take Aquascape or others associated with this TRIBE down does not give me pleasure. Sadness has replaced bitterness seeing the same scenarios play out with different individuals again and again and again.

NEWSFLASH: Dwell in negativity and in attacking others directly or indirectly and it ALWAYS comes back to bite you in your ass. It NEVER propels you (or anyone or anything forward)

If you agree with that logic heres my Pond Guy Challenge I’d like to hear if you will take up …


*Don’t take the bait of Trolls…ever!

*Don’t post stuff that’s passive aggressive.

*Don’t talk politics if it’s negative (is it ever not on-line?!) Same with religion too (again if it’s negative)

Bottom line if it is meant to hurt others or spew venom don’t post it ever! (the blowback will get you eventually anyway!)

Please let me know TRIBE if you agree with me that accepting this Pond Guy Challenge will make this TRIBE part of the solution versus part of the the problem in the water feature industry and even beyond it for that matter!

Finally, I challenge all of you to feel sorry rather than angry for those posting their poison for the world to see. I promise if you do it won’t fuel their destruction and it will eliminate any sting others words my cause you!

Watch Brian’s Video: