“Would You Share Your Heart At Work?”

“Would You Share Your Heart At Work?”

The reason I’m posting a pic of an empty table with my feet kicked up with and a half eaten salad in front of me is, for no other reason, than I didn’t think about grabbing a pic when it was filled with nervously smiling faces.

Once or twice a year I will bring in lunch and invite all the new hires to break bread together. I get to sit in too which, I’m sure, can make it a bit uncomfortable for some of the newbies. Although I can have a bark and maybe even an occasional bite, most of the stigma comes simply with title of being “the boss”

I really want people to succeed here (and everywhere for that matter) which is why I enjoy these lunches and am summarizing up maybe the most important reoccurring theme I discuss during them.

Share your heart first and foremost, always and forever anywhere you’re at, regardless of the potential outcome.

Don’t ever go home from your job and take out your pent up frustration by kicking the proverbial dog because you didn’t speak your mind at work.

Sadly, from my experience here and in general, most people don’t speak their mind and instead do just that. The consequences however of that decision inevitably leads to failure at work. Either they end up frustrated and leave or employers end up frustrated with them and they get fired. The worst fate of all though comes if the person stays at a job they hate, and the company allows themselves to suffer along with them. Obviously, I don’t want that to happen anywhere for everyone’s sake, which is why I make this topic a priority to talk about every time.

Everyone loses when people don’t speak the truth.

I guess many people are fearful of what they could lose (like their job) from speaking their mind. My question to anyone who’s trapped in that kind of situation or even just thinking it is this…

What are you failing to achieve at your job and in particular your life, by not speaking your mind?

If you speak from your heart when you speak your mind you should be comfortable letting the chips fall where they may.

If fear is preventing you from speaking your mind at work, you should already have the answer on whether or not that’s the right place or you.

Just some food for thought from my lunch today

Carpe Diem