What Kick A** Looks Like!

What Kick A** Looks Like!

When you’re up at 3am in order to get to work by 4 and are full of energy and good cheer pouring me a cup of coffee at 6 you’re kick ass in my book!

I’ve been coming to the same conference in York PA for 5 years and I look forward to seeing her every year! There’s not too many places where I even remember the faces of those who serve me on my travels.

If she can have this kind of positive mojo doing her tough job what’s anyone’s excuse for having a bad attitude doing theirs?!

Not only is work (and life for that matter) more fun living this way, but good things happen more often as well when you approach every day like she does.

I give 20% tips for good service. For the rare energy like hers though it earns 200% and a blog from me.

Carpe Diem