The “Stream” Less Traveled

Maybe it’s because I too turned my hobby into a career that I’m so excited to see the journey this young man is on! I’ve literally known Austin his whole life and been nothing short of amazed and impressed with his singular passion for fishing. Reminds me of someone I know really well with his love for turtles. In fact, Austin’s first word was, you guessed it…FISH!

Like me, and much to society’s chagrin, Austin preferred being outside in nature playing around water versus sitting idly behind a desk. I was eagerly looking forward to seeing what he would do with his passion upon graduating and not so silently encouraging him to pursue following his passion for fishing. It took him a year to fully commit but I’m proud to see he broke away from the ingrained expectations of society about going right to college upon graduation and is instead now traveling the “stream” less traveled.

As for his parents, they couldn’t be prouder of their son than if he was a Doctor or Lawyer! They know as I do as well, that happiness in life with whatever one pursues is the greatest pursuit possible!

Here’s to you Austin Beaulieu in finding happiness with a career right out of the gate. Too many people wait for retirement to “go fishing every day” Here’s also to your story being an inspiration to young (or old) adults alike!

Carpe Diem Kid