Steal This Idea!

These two young men stood out to me amongst a sea of gray hairs and baldness from my vantage point on the stage. I met them yesterday moments before I presented at a business conference and instantly was inspired to make them part of my speech!

Besides the fact that they had the foresight at a young age to attend a conference with over 200 potential employers they BOTH handed me business cards with the goal of landing gainful employment in their area of studies.


Somehow they’ve figured out at a young age it’s more who you know than what you know that will open up their door of opportunity. Their outside the box thinking is already paying off. After I waxed poetically from the stage about two industrious millennials amongst us not only making the decision to attend the conference but having business cards ready to hand out with their goal (employment) contact info and even their impressive GPA’s printed, I had them stand too much applause from the crowd.

At the end of the day, a business owner came up to me and enthusiastically shook my hand for pointing them out. “Our firm is looking for this sort of skill set right now and we are going to interview one of these young men next week!”

Luck is what usually happens when preparation meets opportunity

Parents with young adults, Grandparents with young (or old) grandkids, and in particular anyone wishing to create their own good “luck” landing a career STEAL THIS IDEA!!!

Carpe Diem