Happy New Year – Be Happy Now!

I’m in beautiful New Zealand fittingly the first place on to welcome in the New Year (technically it’s 15 minutes behind American Samoa but it’s close enough)/ I’m happy and that’s only partially because I’m in such a beautiful place! 

When an Aussie at the pool casually asked me today if I was missing anything about home, I’m assuming he was expecting me to say something about missing the food or getting frustrated driving on the wrong side of the road! Instead, my reply threw him for a loop “I miss my business,” I replied. 

Poor chap opened a can of worms with that one!

2019 marks the 28th year of turning my hobby into my profession with Aquascape. That’s a solid career for most people yet I still feel I’m just getting warmed up!!! 

I’m in New Zealand primarily because of work. Besides the credit card points I used to purchase our tickets, I’m jumping over to Australia when my family leaves to “work.” 

It will be ten, 10-hour days in a row that won’t feel like work because I will be visiting my customers’ customers’ amazing water features while recording it all for my vlog

When you’re always reinventing yourself it never gets old doing what you do! 

I don’t have the patience or acumen to do the same thing day after day. That trait proved to be a detriment in school and a great benefit in business! Today I love vlogging and I didn’t even know what vlogs were two years ago!!! 

The one piece of advice I give everyone who asks (or reads my posts on Facebook) is the same piece of advice older generations give to younger ones more than any other …


Taupo New Zealand