Change Your World by Changing Your Thermostat!

Change Your World by Changing Your Thermostat!

I just saw the movie “The Founder” chronicling the story of McDonalds and its “founder” Ray Kroc. It was a fascinating portrayal of a man who’s own internal thermostat ran so hot it created an empire that spans the globe today.

Along the way the movie painfully portrays Ray Kroc stepping on a lot of peoples toes, including the lovable McDonald brothers who pioneered the fast food concept.

A lot of successful people, inadvertently or not, “step on toes” while sprinting full steam ahead towards whatever pursuit it is that fuels their drive. Most of the toes are occupied by people firmly standing in the same place who’s internal thermostats are set at a comfortable 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. By definition most people achieve “average” success by setting, on purpose or by default, their internal drive at 98.6.

If you are unhappy for whatever reason with the results you’re achieving, the lot in life your living, or the goals you’re never quite fulfilling, there’s a simple solution to all your problems


There’s nothing you can’t achieve, regardless of the race God gave you, the economic class you were born into, or the lack of opportunities that an unfair life has dealt you. NOTHING! That doesn’t stop most people who fall short of their own desires though of blaming those, and every other circumstance under the sun other than themselves as the reasons for their lack of success.

There’s female Marines, prisoners like Nelson Mandela who’ve rose to Presidents of Nations and the last person to hold “the world’s most powerful person” title was born a minority and raised in a single parent household.

History is filled with examples of people from every race, religion and economic background who’s internal thermostats burned so hot they overcame all the odds and reached the pinnacle of success in whatever they had set their minds to!

If you’re looking with envy or jealousy at those who’ve achieved whatever fleeting greatness they’ve been able to muster for the brief blip of time we are alive your focus is on the wrong person entirely.

Dial your own internal thermostat high enough to overcome whatever is separating you from achieving what you want in this life if indeed you truly want what it is you’re not achieving!

Do that and I promise you, you will either achieve your dreams or, at the very least, be a heck of a lot closer to them.

We might not like his methods or agree with his personal values (or lack thereof) but there is no denying it was only because of Ray Krocs liquid hot thermostat that today, every day, McDonald’s feeds 1% of the WORLDS population. Upon her death Ray’s third wife Joan donated the majority of the estate his thermostat generated during his brief life. That 1.5 Billion Dollar gift to the Salvation Army is the largest gift ever given to any individual charity!

Dial up your thermostat and you will dial up your results while possibly changing the world for the better in the process!