A Cup of Perspective

I’m an early riser and I’m on the road a lot. I often find myself at local diners across the country sometimes as the only patron. Since I’m a talker (and writer) I often strike up a conversation with the waitress. Everyone is fascinating on some level.

She’s 45 a year younger than me and already a grandma. “Wow I exclaimed you must have started young!” 15 she says. I look at her with compassion and she tells me her story.

Her story isn’t that much different from many, many others I’ve heard through the years and even tears. I’m always glad to hear them for the perspective they bring.

“I grew up in a strict home and I rebelled against my parents in every way I could” she added.

Last night I got home late. The Cubs were in the World Series for the first time in 71 years. I didn’t turn the TV on though instead, I went straight up to my son’s room.

He’s 16…and has a girlfriend.

I told him “her” story and we talked for a long time in his bed both of us staring at the ceiling. Nothing was left to be implied.

It wasn’t just me that got a cup of perspective with my morning Joe yesterday.

Here’s to getting your own cup of perspective wherever and whomever you’re with today.

Carpe Diem