You Will Never Have Time … ‘Til You Make It!

You Will Never Have Time ... ‘Til You Make It!

One of the most disempowering statements I frustratingly often hear people make is “I don’t have time to do it.” Pardon the French but I say that’s bull!

We make time for what’s important to us. I have a buddy who never had time for exercise until a health scare all of the sudden made it a priority for him. He now gets up and goes to the gym regularly before sunrise and heading to work. And guess what, he’s dropped 30lbs and surprise, surprise, feels great! Did he all of a sudden get another hour in the day or did he change how much he prioritized sleeping or some other activity he was doing before? I think you know the answer to that one.

Our fourth company core value at Aquascape is FUN. It comes after CHARACTER, TEAM and WINNING. We never want to ask anyone to do something here where they feel it jeopardizes their CHARACTER. We need to always work together as a TEAM and if we do those things we will WIN. The problem of late is that by focusing on the first three values, we have little time or energy left for the fourth company core value of having FUN.

Half the solution to any problem is diagnosing the problem. I explained the importance to the TEAM of having FUN at work and the pushback I got was loud and clear. We have less people doing more work and a growing to-do list every day. In other words, Aquascape is like everywhere else these days! Undaunted I pressed ahead conveying the importance of a basic philosophy of mine, “those who sweat together, stick together” (remember I learned more about running a company by playing football than any class I ever sat in).

The next day I got a text from a Teammate suggesting we host a 3-on-3 Wallyball tournament, just like we used to do in the past. He even volunteered to organize it and pick the teams. Yesterday we had 20 or so people participate in it. I did as well, showing ultimate servant leadership by allowing both the teams I faced to have the pleasure of saying they bested the boss that day! It was a highly “unproductive” day at work for those who participated. It was also filled with plenty of high fives, smiles and a ton of good-natured ribbing that crossed department lines and managerial levels.

To me that makes it worth it.

We don’t have time for “fun” at work no different than you don’t have time to exercise … until you prioritize it. Life boils down to what’s important to you and therefore what you prioritize.

Having “fun” at work is not everyone’s priority. It’s fourth in our priorities but a priority nonetheless. So when it wasn’t happening enough I simply pointed it out and the TEAM responded.

Don’t ever say you “don’t have time for something” again but rather say “I choose not to spend the time doing it.”

Friday is Halloween here. I’m choosing to dress up with many of my coworkers. FUN is a priority of mine. And so is working out for that matter.

Make what’s important to you in life a priority and you will find the time to do it!