Would You Stand Up for Your Values?

Would You Stand Up for Your Values?

This man is the President of a multi-billion dollar (that’s with a B!) business. He has 23,000 employees and will open up his 700th store this year on his way to an anticipated 1200 locations. As impressive as all that is, it pales in comparison to the values with which he leads his organization.

Rarely do you see a political, or for that matter religious post from me. Hopefully though you don’t need to see me posting to know where I stand on things. As with most entrepreneurs, I’m about less government, not more. But what would happen if the government created a law that, as a business owner, contradicted the very values with which I created and run my organization? I’d like to think, like Hobby Lobby, I’d be willing to go all-in for my personal beliefs.

Regardless of what your personal beliefs on virtually anything are, the government shouldn’t be able to make you violate them simply to operate your business. Agreed? Well that’s exactly what they tried to do with Obamacare. That is until the Green family from Oklahoma City told them no.

The Greens were willing and ready to close all their stores and abandon their very real American Dream rather than be complicit by association to a law that they didn’t believe in. They sued the Federal government and it went all the way to the Supreme Court.

They won.

I got a chance to hear Steve Green talk about the values with which his organization operates. I could only wish our Federal government still operated with a similar set of values. Feel the way you want to about that. After all, that’s your right as an American. But don’t tell the Greens, or me, that we aren’t allowed to operate our businesses according to our values. After all, this is America.

Sometimes even the Supreme Court remembers that when they make their rulings.