Who Do You Take Into Battle?

Who Do You Take Into Battle?

Today was a tough day. I lost a big battle. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose right? But whether or not you win the war comes down to how you respond, win or lose, with the battles you face. That’s why I ended today calling an old friend of mine who’s 84 years young. He’s lost way more battles in his life than I’ve even fought, yet, in mine. I wanted his advice on how to respond.

Most of the people I get advice from are older than me. Not that I won’t listen to someone younger than myself, especially when it comes to technology, it’s just that I take a lot of credence in the saying “with age comes wisdom” I’ve also found the older someone gets, the more freely they are apt to give advice to those who seek it.

When I called my buddy I found him exactly where I suspected he would be…at his desk! He still goes into work most days, many times it’s just after he’s gotten in a quick 9 with buddies at his club. As I unloaded my tale of doom and gloom he did a great job of listening. I never got a chance to hear his advice though, I had to throw my fireman’s hat on and get back into the fight. We’re scheduled for an early am call tomorrow where I will shut my mouth and open my ears.

Many times if not most I meet with people that intrigue me not for what advice they can give me, but simply because I find them intriguing. This is a picture from last week during a two hour breakfast with my new buddy Frank. I met with him because he intrigued me.  He’s very self effacing, but as sly as a gray haired fox! Today I met him again for breakfast, this time though I sought his advice and I listened as he freely gave it.

You may have lost the battle today but that’s ok as long as you respond in a way that gets you closer to winning the war. Having a grizzled combat vet or two alongside you, never hurts in my book.

Carpe Diem