When the Student Was Ready, The Teacher Arrived

“When the Student Was Ready, The Teacher Arrived”

“It’s easy to get kids to read a book and take a test. It’s more challenging to get kids engaged in the world!”

Larry Pahl
High School Civics teacher

I’m a man of passions and appreciate others who have a passion for what they do. That’s why I sought out a rapping high school Civics teacher I know who’s passionate about engaging younger generations to get off the sideline and into the game of life!

Today I “taught” three of his class periods and had an absolute blast!

I let them know things nobody ever told me about when I was their age (and I’m still figuring out fully today)

*I told them smiling was at least equally as important as “getting good grades” when it comes to success in life

*I showed them a Ted Talk that supported my belief that having “GRIT” was THE most important trait for success in whatever they wanted to do in life.

And finally, I let them know that society teaches them to focus on “improving their weaknesses” but that ultimately life rewards you for “developing your strengths”

Nobody told me these things when I was their age. Life has taught them to me and probably you too though again and again.

Thank God for Teachers like my friend Larry who’s more interested in helping his students engage with life than just shuffling them through a Common Core Curriculum.

You’re a good man Mr. Pahl!