Welcome to the Hot Seat

Greg's Assistant

After 15 years at Aquascape with 8 being directly in the line of fire as my Executive Assistant Kathleen Haben is leaving for greener fields. The first words out of my 12 year olds mouth when I told him Kathy got another job was, and I kid you not, “You’re going die!”

It is true almost everything in my world got filtered through her both professionally and personally. I took her to lunch this week and she said herself while training her replacement she couldn’t believe how much she actually did! “Everything” is a lot anyway you slice it especially when you have a lot going on.

She moved over 8 years ago from purchasing (a field she is returning too) after seeing the train wreck happening with my assistants. People LOVE to exaggerate stories especially when it comes to me and it’s been widely proclaimed I burned through 7 assistants in a year before Kathy successfully wrangled the position and made it her own. FALSE! (It was actually a year and a half!)

Replacing Kathy won’t be easy. My wife, HR Manager and President (all woman including my wife-imagine that!) met to update the job description. It’s been said behind every good man is a better woman. I agree with that wholeheartedly and they also “must love dogs” as that made the requirement list for this position.

I want to thank Kathy for loving me and my family over all these years (some of us were easier than others) She truly was always a professional and better yet willing and able to do anything to make our lives easier. I truly feel blessed anyone would care as much as she cared for me, my family and my baby (Aquascape).

Thanks for your loyalty, dedication and perseverance over many years Kathy and best of luck in your new endeavor!

Carpe Diem (and keep smiling!)