Vacation at Work

Last week I wrote about when the season gets busy for my customers, (Spring), my travels subside. I’ve now been in the office for back-to-back days and will be every day, more or less, through Memorial Day. It feels like I’m on vacation! I woke up giddy to get to work, relieved I’d actually be around to“play” with my team. By play I mean work, which in an owner’s world means dealing with problems and also prevalent challenges that are part of the daily “grind.”

My favorite quote is the definition of Hell. “Hell is a life without problems.” By owning a company I choose not to check out, and work in atoll booth. With that choice comes consequences, like dealing with all the inherent challenges of not accepting the status quo at work. The problem is most people associate problems with hell. But in the end, all “work” is, is fixing problems. Instead of going on vacation to temporarily escape life’s challenges, why not look at work like the vacation it truly is! Besides, I’d rather vacation 51 weeks of the year anyway instead of one or two. The problem is most people let problems de-energize them instead of recharge them like a vacation, or work worth doing should. That is until they retire, and experience a life without problems (or purpose), and realize the hell that that truly is.Unchallenged and unfulfilled, those people often retire and die, figuratively and sometimes even physically.

Nope. For me, work truly is a vacation – even if I turn red for reasons other than the sun. Because a life without problems is the definition of hell. Life is all about enjoying the journey. I hope you find away to make work a vacation too!

Enjoying my Cabo “vacation” with crazy Pete.

Bon Voyage,

The Pond Guy