The Truth Will Come Out, It Always Does

As a die hard Buckeye fan it’s killing me to acknowledge this but…a rogue reporter who was laid off from ESPN independently just broke the what could be the biggest story in the history of Ohio State Football!

This is certainly bigger than “Tattoo Gate” that got our last football coach, Jim Tressel fired. And if this goes as far as it appears it could it would even eclipse the infamous “punch heard around the world” that landed OSU legend Woody Hayes on the curb the very next day!

Why I cry did it have to come to this? Why does it ever half to come to this (Sandusky and Penn State and Nader and Michigan State top that list)

What I, even as a Buckeye fan refuse to do, is shoot the messenger, Brett McMurphy for simply doing his job (brilliantly at that I might add) And you’d have to be sick to blame Courtney Smith who’s the biggest victim of all here.

Who is to blame though is the abuser Zack Smith and by default the coach of my beloved team Urban Meyer who ultimately choose to back a now indicted scumbag. It goes without saying that if Urban lied about knowing about the abuse (you’re still innocent until proven guilty let’s not forget) he doesn’t deserve to keep his job and more so he should immediately turn in his “man card”

That’s a bitter, bitter pill to swallow regarding a Coach who amazingly has won 9 out of every 10 games he lead his team (and my team for the last 30 years) into!!!

The truth will come out, it always does, and one things for certain when that happens…the decisions or lack there of, of a few…will affect the many! That’s not fair to all those impacted from the players to the coaches not involved and yes even disenfranchised fans like me!

I like to believe something good always comes out of something bad. If this is a step in changing the culture for the better it would be worth it. I just wish it was someone else’s team changing the culture and not mine!