PrideYou know what I see when I look at this picture? Perseverance, Pain, and Pride. I also see Team. I see the efforts of an entire organization that sewed a purse out of a pig’s ear. The perseverance of a Team handicapped for resources whether that was money, or time, or maybe even a lack of support on my end. You know the saying that “nothing worth having ever comes easy?” Well, you’re looking at the fruit of those labors in this picture.

It’s a snapshot of a product line that’s been turned upside down and inside out from top to bottom; from the design, to the pricing, to even the damn packaging! No stone was left unturned in our Team’s efforts to create products for our customers to succeed with. These products were created for consumers to improve their experiences with their decorative water features. We want them to encourage people who have never even thought about owning a water feature to get one and fall in love with it. It’s for the next generation to fall in love with what the rest of us fell in love with a long time ago. There’s a lot riding on what’s pictured in this frame.

This picture also represents a victory of the human spirit. What you can’t see in this shot is the Pride I feel viewing it. Pride for the sacrifices of an entire team whose efforts are represented on these shelves. This business, our industry, and even your business is not a game to us. This picture says that in a thousand words. We’ve done it! We’ve reinvented ourselves and subsequently your opportunities to succeed with us. That’s what I see in this picture. An entire organization that’s made up of many diverse talents is counting on you to see it too. This picture represents our life’s work. The future is bright indeed. Hope you see that too? Carpe Diem