Of Mole Hills and Mountains

I had lunch with a newer friend this week. When I asked where she lived her response bothered me. “Still stuck in a condo” she replied. It wasn’t that she was in a condo that I had the issue with but rather how she described where she lived as being “one of the biggest mistakes we’ve ever made.”

She bought her place at the height of the market in 2005.

Who could have known?!

If I went off of viewing all my decisions in the light cast off from hindsight I’d have made a lot of “mistakes” too!

Who wouldn’t?!

“I can live with bad decisions made for good reasons!”

Can you?!

Feeding negative thoughts in my head is simply not something I’m willing to make time for. I’ve got too many mountains ahead of me that need climbing to focus on the mole hills behind me that have tripped me up!

Instead of focusing on the mole hill “mistakes” of your past, I say focus your complete attention on the mountain range of aspirations directly in front of you!

Success is a journey not a destination. If you’re not tripping, you’re probably not moving either!

Carpe Diem